Welcome to CVS Limited

We are a small friendly team who are looking to change the way you think about buying or selling your next vehicle.

The internet has changed the way we make many purchases in life, from everyday items such as Christmas gifts and our weekly shop, right through to searching for that dream house in which to live. Buying and searching for a new car is certainly no exception.

We are unlike conventional sales sites and do not hold massive quantities of stock, meaning we do not have the large borrowing costs and overheads, or the need to buy stock just to fill gaps on a forecourt.

We are extremely proud to be part of the AA Cars Standards!

Instead we specialise in sourcing vehicles to meet our customers exact requirements and only when we come across a vehicle too good to miss out on will we purchase it for stock!

This means we are able to operate on substantially smaller margins than even a small independent retailer, let alone a main dealer or franchise operation, but still able to offer you all the usual dealer facilities you would expect from a respectable and trusted family business.